Where were we, where we are now

Importance of a logo
Importance Of A Logo
June 6, 2019

So….. Where did we start, and…… where are we now! The business was about a year old when I stepped in as the only women being part of the team. There was the designer with his computer, the applicator, the boss and most important of all the White board. Why the white board, because that had to ensure that all the aspects of the admin department is attended to.

Our total workspace then was about 50m2. Not long after we had to expand and move to bigger premises. In 2010 we move to our own premises of almost 600m2 and continued to grow. Not necessarily just in Staff, but defiantly in what we are capable of achieving.

We are very excited on the growth over the years and proud to say that there is quite a few clients that has walked the road with us. That only says one thing, that the quality of work and the service they’ve received is to their satisfactory. Our client base has also grown from local, to national and also to International.

We are an extremely motivated team that loves their job. Every client’s needs are different and unique. That is what makes the challenges so much more exciting. But be assured, Challenge accepted! If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.

Is there any room for more growth, yes indeed. Some people dream of success, others make it happen!

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