Different Types Of Signs

Why building signs are so important
July 18, 2019
Different Types of Building Signs
July 31, 2019

Why safety signs?

Safety Signs are crucial in any work environment. The primary importance of displaying Safety Signs is to prevent injury and ensure staff and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments.

Why directional signs?

Wayfinding can encompass several different types of signage, including: Directional signs that point the way to various locations. They can be simple or complex, and usually appear at junctions or along a route to lead the way to a particular place. They keep people or vehicles moving toward something.

Why pylon signs?

Whether it contains illuminated channel letters, neon lettering, an LED message centre, a pylon sign on the front of your business is the least costly means of advertising available to you over time. It is also the most targeted advertising you can do. Your sign constantly advertises your business to a potential customer who frequents the area where your business is located. If a sign costs you money it is not doing its job. It should effectively advertise your company and earn you money.

Why a building sign?

Building signs are one of the best ways not only to identify, but to promote your business.  When starting a business, one of the key visual elements you should consider, following your branding design, is creating an attractive sign for your business. Signs are not only useful tools but they can also become a visual salesperson for your business.

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